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Charge Anywhere’s Cash Register POS is a dynamic cloud-based cash register and retail management system that provides the latest in point-of-sale functionality and business management tools.

Our cutting-edge features are designed to give business owners a competitive advantage, and our tablet application, powered by the cloud-based back end that is multi-user and multi-location friendly, allows for convenient management from anywhere with internet connectivity.

Benefits of the Cash Register POS

The Cash Register benefits merchants of all types from retail storefronts, supermarkets, and concession stands to mobile pop-up stores and anything in between.

Total Security

  • Our solutions are highly secure by design and include application security, encrypted hardware, and a secure payment gateway
  • Information backed up in the cloud on our secure servers meaning that data will never be lost in the event that a tablet is lost or stolen

Optimized Management

  • Tracks sales by department, SKU, and hour so that merchant can optimize staffing and inventory levels
  • Cloud-based solution means you can manage multiple locations all from one centralized location

Enhanced Profitability

  • Costs a fraction of traditional POS systems
  • No upfront investments of costly servers, expensive Windows® licensing or antivirus software needed
  • Pay only for the services you need
  • Enables close monitoring of sales and inventory levels

Improved Customer Experience

  • Accelerates the order and check-out processes
  • Records customer preferences and shopping habits to support loyalty programs and messaging
  • Frees merchants to transact where customers want, stepping outside the traditional retail environment to create a pop-up store wherever needed

Hardware Options

The Cash Register POS platform features preconfigured hardware bundles based on merchant need. Merchants can add hardware options to the bundle, enabling them to create their own customized solution. Our hardware bundles are easy to install and we provide both setup and ongoing customer support.

Retail Bundle

The Cash Register POS Retail Bundle is optimal for brick-and-mortar retailers with more traditional point-of-sale configurations and is designed to streamline the checkout process. The unit has a 10.4” operator color touch screen, Android operating system, built-in 80mm thermal printer and an Ethernet port for high-speed communications.

Features include:

  • Miura ITP
  • Bluetooth EMV pin pad with MagStripe Reader
  • Automatic Cash Drawer (optional)
  • 1D or 2D Barcode Reader (optional)

Mobile Bundle

The Cash Register POS Mobile Bundle resembles a traditional retail point-of-sale setup yet enables merchants to take the checkout process to the customer anywhere in the store. The Mobile Bundle can be used with any 7” or 10” Android tablet connected to the internet with WiFi or cellular data.

Features include:

  • Tablet Stand
  • Bluetooth EMV Pin Pad with Magstripe Reader
  • Bluetooth Barcode Scanner (optional)
Charge Anywhere Dashboard

Charge Anywhere Cash Register POS Dashboard

At Charge Anywhere, we realize that no two businesses are exactly alike.

That’s why as a Charge Anywhere customer, you’ll get to choose the software and hardware that best fits the needs of your growing business.

Choose from three strategically-developed software packages we’ve created based on the most common requests from our customers.

Questions about choosing the optimal software for your company?
Contact us today – our experts are here to help.

Features (Hover for more info)
# of Employees
# of Products
Real-time Dashboard
Customized Tender Types
Supports Merchant Services
Customer/Technical Support
Inventory Management
Supports Custom Icons
Product Promotions and Discounts
Professional Sales Report Suite
Signature Capture and eReceipt
Offline Mode
Employee Management
Additional Cash Registers Available
Live Support
Customer Database
Employee Reports
Cash Discrepancy Alerts
Stock Alerts
Premium Report Suite
Enterprise Report Suite
Enterprise Store Architecture
Enterprise Inventory Management
Professional Premium Enterprise
5 1,000 unlimited
1,000 5,000 250,000










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