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Payment Gateway
The Charge Anywhere Payment Gateway is Payment Card Industry (PCI) Level 1 validated and efficiently processes millions of retail, mobile, e-commerce and web-based Point-of-Sale (POS) transactions. Processor, network and device neutral, Charge Anywhere accepts all payment types and provides real-time access to transaction data and activity reporting via its web-based Transaction Manager.  
Charge Anywhere seamlessly integrates with Charge Anywhere’s payment software for a closed loop, secure end-to-end solution. Powered by a state of the art data center that maintains 99.99% uptime with dedicated connections to all major processors and wireless carriers, Charge Anywhere is the most secure and feature rich payment gateway in the industry. It’s the perfect solution to take full ownership of their merchant portfolio.

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Bill Presentment
Send invoices electronically and accept cart payments directly from those invoices in real time!
Bill Presentment allows a merchant to send a customer an invoice via email for payment. The merchant will upload an invoice and enter all of the invoice information into Charge Anywhere Transaction Manager (CGTM). CGTM will then send an email to the customer with the invoice information and a link to click that will redirect the customer to a payment window pop-up hosted by Charge Anywhere. Once the transaction is complete, both the customer and merchant will receive an email with the response of the transaction in real time. The transaction details and payment information will automatically be stored in CGTM for real time viewing.
In addition, the merchant can customize the interface for the payment window by adding a logo, customized messages, and background color.

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Transaction Export

Allows a merchant to retrieve their transactions from Charge Anywhere’s PCI compliant Charge Anywhere Payment Gateway based on a number of configurable parameters. Transaction Export specifications is part of the Payment Gateway API described above.

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