Payment Terminals and Point of Sale Hardware Products

Whether your payment solution is mobile, embedded or something in between, we have the hardware to meet your payment needs. We have relationships with suppliers throughout the world and can typically provide hardware that meets your exact specifications. Below is a list of our most common hardware:

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mPOS EMV Solutions

It is easy to make your Android or iOS phone or tablet a mPOS payment system with our EMV mPOS PIN Pads and terminals. Contact us to design your mPOS solution.
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PIN Pad EMV Bluetooth Reader with NFC

EMV Bluetooth Reader with NFC

  • Bluetooth, WiFi or USB Serial
  • Contact and Contactless EMV Supported
  • EMV Level 1&2 Certified
  • Mag Swipe Track 1&2
  • PIN Pad
  • Compatibility: Android™, Apple® iOS
  • Remote Key Injection
  • Remote Updates

mPOS Accessories

Card Reader:Receipt Printer

Bluetooth Printer


Miura Cover with Lanyard



Miura Desktop Cradle


Miura Retail Stand


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Point of Sale Systems and Bundles

QuickSale POS supports these Android Point of Sale Hardware Systems. Contact us to discuss an Android Point of Sale solution for your retail store, services, café/quick service or restaurant business today.
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Android Point of Sale Terminals

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Rugged Wireless POS


PIN on Glass POS


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