QuickSale® PC

QuickSale PC transforms your PC into a payment processing dynamo.
QuickSale provides the highest level of security with PCI PA DSS
validated applications that utilize point-to-point encryption (P2PE).
Select from two software based payment solutions:


QuickSale PC for QuickBooks®

“Our Quick Sale software designed for QuickBooks loads on your local Windows computer or server and is compatible with all QuickBooks Financial editions; QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier and QuickBooks Enterprise editions. (any version from 2008 -2018 and higher)

Provide merchants a feature-rich plug-in to process credit card, debit card and ACH payments directly within QuickBooks. Save merchants time by eliminating double entry and save them money by lowering their processing fees.

Process transactions directly within QuickBooks®

Process transactions directly within QuickBooks®


  • Process EMV credit card, debit card and ACH payments within QuickBooks.
  • Automatically generate and apply payment to an invoice or customer upon transaction approval.
  • Import transactions into QuickBooks from eCommerce, Mobile Devices, POS Terminals and Virtual Terminal.
  • Swipe, insert or tap a card to quickly initiate a payment. Perfect for retail.
  • Stores electronic signature for easy chargeback retrieval.
  • Process returns and voids.
  • Uses ComsGate Payment Gateway, certified by all major payment processors.
  • The perfect complement to any accounting software

Transaction Methods Include:

  • QuickSale – Generate a payment or sales receipt with or without an invoice.
  • Multiple Invoices – Process multiple invoices or sales receipts simultaneously with the included Secure customer database.
  • Recurring Payments – Create recurring transactions with effective date, frequency, number of payments and amount.
  • Bill Presentment – Email an invoice with a link to a secure and customizable payment form hosted by Charge Anywhere. (Add-on Service)

QuickSale PC For Windows®


Turn a PC into a Fully Functional, Secure, and Intuitive Point-of-Sale Terminal with Charge Anywhere’s QuickSale PC for Windows

An easy-to-use, Windows based credit card processing solution that gives businesses the freedom to securely process and manage credit card transactions from their PC.

Charge Anywhere customers can forgo purchasing costly processing equipment and dedicated phone lines by leveraging their existing IT investments in conjunction with Charge Anywhere’s robust and cutting-edge QuickSale PC Software.


  • Insert, swipe, tap on key entry card Data.
  • Manage customers with Customer DB.
  • Control access with user-based permissions.
  • Print or Email receipts.

Merchant Benefits

Save Money

Use the merchant service provider of choice and save on processing fees.

Save Time

Avoid double entry by automatically creating and applying payments to invoices and import transactions from other services.


Process credit card, debit card and ACH payments in multiple ways to conform with unique business processes.


Reduce security risks and compliance issues by using a secure payment application and database.

Included Services:

  • Transaction Manager – Web-based system to see transactions in real-time, run reports, investigate past transactions and retrieve receipts with signature.
  • Free Virtual Terminal – Web-based service to key in transactions.
Supported EMV/Card Entry Devices
Miura M006 EMV/MSR + Pin Pad
Miura M010 EMV/MSR + Pin Pad
ID TECH Augusta S
ID Tech SRED Key

® QuickBooks is a registered trademark of Intuit, Inc. ® Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft, Inc.

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