QuickSale® Terminal

QuickSale Terminal is the newest addition to Charge Anywhere’s family of EMV certified, card present payment solutions. QuickSale is now integrated with multiple Android POS Terminal including the Q1, a ruggedized, portable Android terminal and the Q2, a PIN-on-Glass 5.5” countertop Android terminal. QuickSale Terminals delivers a powerful combination of application functionality and deployment services at a price that will improve your bottom line.

New Benefits of Android POS Terminals:

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  • Everything you need in one device – process payment and print/send receipts.
  • Leverages the powerful and familiar Android operating system.
  • Over-the-Air software updates ensure your terminal is always in compliance.
  • Supports the features merchants require – EBT, PIN Debit, Cash Discount, Gift Cards, Mobile Wallets, email or print receipts and more.
  • WiFi and 3G/4G SIM for continuous coverage.

Easy to Deploy or Update

QuickSale manages POS terminal encryptions, downloads and settings remotely, saving valuable time and effort in managing merchants and devices.

  • Simplified deployment with Remote Key Injections
  • Reduce risk with ComsGate E-Crypt for Point-to-Point encryption of card data
  • Customizable software for tips, taxes, clerk, invoice and user permissions
  • Terminal options for ruggedized mobile or countertop retail
  • Easy to support with the same feature set as QuickSale mPOS

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