Semi Integration – Read More ▾
Your app sends the transaction information to our payment app on the same phone, tablet or PC. Our payment app communicates with the EMV reader and processes the transaction, returning the approval code to your app. Your app never receives sensitive card data and leverages Charge Anywhere’s PCI compliant infrastructure and EMV certifications with multiple processors.
Simple Integration Protocol (SIP) – Basic – Read More ▾
Merchants can add a link on their website that directs shoppers to a secure payment form hosted by CHARGE Anywhere. Sensitive card data never enters the merchant’s network.
Simple Integration Protocol (SIP) – Advanced – Read More ▾
Merchants to use their own URL for the payment form, then send the payments to CHARGE Anywhere.
Advanced Integration Protocol (AIP) – Read More ▾
Merchants have full control over the payment form.
Universal Shopping Cart Module – Read More ▾
Allows merchants to use a variety of third party shopping carts that utilize the protocol.
Bill Presentment Protocol – Read More ▾
Allows a merchant to email a customer an invoice with a link to securely pay online. The merchant can customize the payment form by adding a logo, customized messages, and background color.
ComsGate® Payment Gateway Specification – Read More ▾
Enables a merchant to send Credit, ACH, and Gift Card transactions directly to Charge Anywhere’s PCI compliant ComsGate Payment Gateway. The merchant is also able to schedule recurring transactions and to upload signatures for storage.
ComsGate® Transactions Export API – Read More ▾
Allows a merchant to retrieve their transactions from Charge Anywhere’s PCI compliant ComsGate Payment Gateway based on a number of configurable parameters.

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